Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 World Series MVP

And the 2009 World Series MVP is: Hideki Matsui.

Matsui is the first Japanese born person to win the Most Valuable Player of the World series award (and no doubt that will do wonders for the popularity of baseball in Japan!) and he basically won it on the back of his record breaking performance in Game 6.

It's appropriate that the 2009 World Series MVP went to Matsui as in that clinching Game 6 he drove in 6 of the Yankees 7 runs. That beats the previous (jointly held) record of 5 RBIs in a World Series clincher.

What might be a little more bittersweet is that this was likely Matsui's last game in a Yankees shirt: and the Yankees parade 2009 on Friday might be his last appearance in a Yankees shirt.

For this winter he becomes a free agent and so might not be with the Yankees next season.

Another way of looking at it of course is that he's certainly maximised his value on the free agent market with that performance, hasn't he?

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