Thursday, January 18, 2007

Di Caprio and Scorcese

Leonardo Di Caprio says that it's a joke that Martin Scorcese, the veteran film director, doesn't have any oOscars. That's odd, I'd have thought he got one either for Taxi Driver or Raging Bull.


Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio said on Thursday that director Martin Scorsese deserved to win an Oscar for his new movie, "The Departed", adding it was a "joke" the veteran director still had not been awarded for any of his works.

"It would be wonderful if this film was rewarded, I think it very much deserves it," said DiCaprio, who stars in the crime thriller that won a Golden Globe award for best film this week.

"And I certainly think the man to my left does. It's quite long overdue, almost a practical joke at this point that that hasn't happened," he said, referring to Scorsese who was also attending a news conference ahead of the film's opening in Japan this weekend.

Despite being regarded by many as a master of cinema, Scorsese has never received an Academy Award for a single film, including for such revered works as "Raging Bull" and "Taxi Driver"

OK, so people agree that he should have got one for those two films but didn't.